Registrar of Mortgages Office Goes and Zierikzee 1811-1838

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From 1811 all mortgages on estates had to be registrated. A special functionary, the Recorder of Mortgages, was charged with that registration. In Zeeland there were three offices: Middelburg, Goes and Zierikzee. In Zeeuwen Gezocht you can find the index on the general registers of the office of the recorder of the mortgages in Goes, period 1811-1838. The territory of the Goes office was the former islands Noord-Beveland and Zuid-Beveland and the eastern part of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. The general registers contain references to two other the registers. First the registers of deeds of conveyance of estates and second the registers with the registration of the mortgage deeds. The administration of the recorder of mortgages gives more information about the estate-property of ancestors.

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