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The Genealogy Center in Middelburg, Zeeland has a collection of some 150,000 obituaries. These are cut from various newspapers, especially the Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant and De Stem (now BN De Stem).
An obituary is an advertisement which notify relatives of the death of such a relative, friend or employee. Today, the obituaries from 2006 also can be consulted on the website

In 2009, volunteers from the Genealogical Centre started entering data of the obituaries in the computer for the period 1900-1999. The first 36,542 are presently Zeeuwen Gezocht.
This source is an important addition for seeking information from death persons especially in the time period in which the death registers of the civil registration are not public.

The data presented may differ from those in death certificates or information that you have about the death of persons found. This can have several causes:

1. Incorrectly entered information from the obituary
2. Incorrect or incomplete entry in the obituary
3. In the obituary mentioned residence might be wrongly interpreted as the place of death. It can also be the residence of the deceased or the place of the correspondence address.

The Zeeuws Archief and Genealogisch Centrum Zeeland welcome any corrections.

You can order copies of the obituaries through Zeeuwen Gezocht. Your order is then handled by the Genealogisch Centrum Zeeland. The cost per A4 copy is € 2,- excluding postage.

[last updated: October 26, 2011]

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